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ConnectMe for Businesses


Welcome! This is where businesses can find the resources that they need.

ConnectMe for businesses helps you connect resources to find the right employees as well as help you grow or make changes to your business.

We’re glad you’re here. Let’s learn more about the current needs of your business.

Start/Grow Business

Making a plan for starting or growing a business sets you up for success.

Do you need help starting or growing your business?

I'd like to build a new business.
I need help on next steps to grow my business.
Workforce Development

Workforce development means building your staff.

Do you need help with workforce development?

I need help starting or building an apprenticeship program.
I'd like to participate in job fairs but don't know where to start.
I need help starting or building an internship program.
I'd like to find the right career exploration event to participate in.
I need help retaining my workforce and reducing turnover.
I want to accommodate a specialized workforce at my business.
I need help posting and promoting my job(s) and application screening.
Specialized Workforce

Everybody should have an opportunity to find the right job for them.

Do you need help hiring specialized populations.

I'd like help making sure we're a Veteran-friendly workplace.
I would like help hiring people recently released from incarceration.
I'd like help making sure we've got the right accommodations in place to hire people with disabilities.
I'd like help getting connected with the next generation of employees.
I'd like help tapping into an experienced workforce.

Sometimes your business needs funding through grants or loans.

Do you need help with funding?

I need help learning how fidelity bonding can work for my business.
I need help applying for government contracts.
I need special funding to help my business.
I'm looking to borrow money for my business.
Business Services

Business services can help your business run smoothly.

Do you need help with business services?

I'd like help getting connected to community-based organizations.
I need something translated from English to another language.
I'd like help joining employer-led groups and connecting with peers.
I've got some questions about unemployment and am not sure who to ask.
I'd like to know what programs may be available to my company.
I'd like to get connected and work closer with area schools and colleges.
I'm a small business and would like to know what services are available to me.
Downsizing or Closing

Sometimes businesses need to downsize or close.

Do you need help downsizing or closing your business?

I need to layoff employees and need help with the process.
I need to close my business and am unsure of next steps.